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Meet Our Faculty

Nicole Cote

At the early age of 8, Nicole Cote started dancing in a single jazz class located in Carle Place, New York. After 4 years of studying jazz she then moved to Florida where she began taking classes in Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Hip Hop, and Lyrical with Patricia's School of Dance. Throughout her dance career Nicole has received many wonderful awards and scholarships.

Nicole began competing at the age of 14 with solos, duets, and small groups and has received many first place and high score awards. Nicole performed at local exhibits such as the "Melbourne Arts Festival" and local Florida Pageants. Nicole became a teachers assistant at age 16 and was awarded a full time teaching position shortly after with Patricia's School of Dance for 3 years and for "Kim Cole's Dance Studio for 8 years. Nicole has had the privilege of working with many dancers age 2 thru adult for over 20 years. Nicole Was the first instructor at Kim Cole's Dance Studio to begin the 2 year old creative kids program.

Nicole Cote became the director of her own program in 2005 and continues to direct, instruct, and manage "Nicole Cote School of Dance". She continues to travel to many dance conventions and competitions throughout the state of Florida and take classes from master professionals and choreographers to further her knowledge in which she can pass down to her students for years to come. Nicole Cote is recognized for her "top scores" and "top choreography" awards. Nicole Cote became a certified dance instructor in 2006 with "Florida Dance Masters", section 2 and has received her Masters In Arts Degree in Leadership & Management, from Webster University.

Briana Dipaolo

A native of Palm Bay, Briana Dipaolo has been dancing from the time she could walk. Seeing her interest at such a young age, Briana's parents enrolled her in a dance program at her pre-school where she learned the very basics of Ballet and performed in her first dance recital. When she started elementary school, her parents wanted her to have a variety of extracurricular activities, so for the next few years she explored things such as playing piano, theatre, gymnastics, and softball. It was obvious, though, after reminding her numerous times to pay attention to the game and stop turning and leaping in the out field, that dancing was something Briana not only loved to do, but had to do. So at the age of ten, she began taking classes at "Patricia's School of Dance," under the direction of Kim Cole, Heather Hall-Lobley, and Nicole Cote. She also competed in various groups winning numerous awards including Platinum and High Gold, and placed 1st and 2nd in overall divisions. With an eagerness to compete, Briana furthered her dance education at "Heather's Dance Studio" where she continued studying and competing in Jazz, Lyrical, Ballet, Hip Hop, and Modern.

While still involved with studio dance, as a seventh grader, Briana auditioned and made the Central Middle School Highsteppers and then in eighth grade was elected Co-Captain of the very first Dance Team at West Shore Jr./Sr. High School. She was also a pioneer in developing the name "West Shore Purrfections" and during her 4 years on the team, Briana held titles including Captain, Co-Captain, Officer, and Choreographer earning awards for best choreography in Jazz and Pom.

After graduating high school, Briana was awarded a Dance Scholarship to Brevard Community College where she studied Jazz and Modern techniques under the direction of Susan Shepherd. Outside of school, Briana was working as the Director of her church Drama/Dance Ministry Team and had also organized an outreach program in the community where she provided free dance lessons to inner city kids and teens. This is where she got plugged in with the hip hop community and started taking break dance and hip hop classes from local instructor Buyett Funelas. Seeing how much she connected with the Hip Hop style of dance, Briana auditioned for and became a member of the Brevard Community College Hip Hop Team. Soon after, she was offered a job at the Nicole Cote School of Dance in 2005 as the Hip Hop instructor and has since then excelled in teaching other styles including Jazz, Tap, Contemporary/Lyrical, Ballet, Musical Theatre, and Creative Movement. She has also had the opportunity to choreograph for the award winning NCSD Competition Team.

Briana's holds an Associate of Arts Degree from Brevard Community College and also a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication from the University of Central Florida which has helped her to connect with students on different levels in their learning process. She continues to further her dance and teaching education by regularly attending Conventions and Seminars taught by various dance experts such as Joe Tremaine and Rhee Gold. Briana plans to continue teaching dance and exploring all the new and exciting trends in the dance world as long as she can. Her passion drives her to excel and she hopes to be an inspiration all of her students by showing them the joy they can find in dancing just as she did at such a young age!

Stephanie Sorensen

Stephanie Sorensen began her dance career at the age of 4 in Pennsylvania at the "Thomas Kovaleski Dance Academy." There she studied tap and ballet for 4 years and performed twice a year in their annual performances. She also performed at their local fairs each year and in their annual October "Halloween" parade. At the age of 8, Stephanie relocated to Florida where she looked for a dance studio that would enhance her dance experience and knowledge. She registered for 3 classes and by the following season was participating in an unlimited amount of dance classes. Finding herself wanting to learn more of the art of dance. She started assisting classes 6 days a week and soon became a full time teacher. She has choreographed routines that have won her a spot with reputable talent agencies. She has trained at local gymnastic studios to better her flexibility and acrobatics while attending dance classes at Brevard Community College on a full dance scholarship.

Since then Stephanie has performed at local malls, fairs, colleges, and has competed and choreographed dances for several regional competitions including Showstoppers, Starpower, and International Dance Challenge. That received many first place, high score, special awards, over all and scholarships. In 2010, she completed her teaching certification in ballet with "Dance Masters of America" and became a certified Dance Instructor. She also obtained her Associates degree at EFSC. In more recent year Stephanie has been working hard to further the next generation of dancers to come, at Nicole cote school of dance as well as local schools and day cares such as Pineapple cove and Muster Seed Kidz. To help build a strong foundation and love of dance that will help them in many aspects of life.

Stephanie is always trying to expand her knowledge and after 12 plus years of teaching dance she still can’t get enough.

Katie Carinci

Katie Carinci began dancing at the early age of 5 taking classes at Kim Coles Dance Studio. She originally began taking classes to follow in her sister's footsteps of wanting to become a dancer. After her sister decided dancing wasn't for her, Katie couldn't be pulled away from it. After taking a few years of classes Katie knew that she wanted to do more than just ballet.

Throughout the years she expanded the types of styles she studied to styles such as lyrical, contemporary, hip-hop, jazz, tap, pointe, broadway/musical theater, acro, and improv. Katie started to help in classes around age 14 helping Ms. Briana. After a year of assisting she fell in love and expanded to assisting under multiple teachers to experience different teaching styles. Ever since helping in those classes Katie knew that she wanted to be a dance instructor and was lucky enough to be giving her first class to her at the age of 16.

Katie also attended dance conventions during her years of dancing (and still loves to attend them today!) Thanks to the convention circuit Katie has had the opportunity to take classes from many well renowned choreographers such as Mia Michaels from So You Think You Can Dance.

In 2006 Katie joined the first ever Nicole Cote School of Dance competition team, then she joined it again in 2007. After taking a two year break from it, she tried out again for the 2010 year making the team once again as a senior dancer. She has performed with both groups and solos throughout her competition years. During these years Katie, or the group she was in, has won awards such as gold and platinum trophies. As well as for her solo placing 6th place overall in her division as well as being an overall grand champion in her division. She now choreographs pieces for the competition team she used to dance on. Her dances have competed in both the regional and national level placing in overalls many times, even winning 1st Overall in a 2017 Nationals!

Katie loves teaching and finds so much joy in seeing the growth in dancers of all ages! She plans to continue to grow in her knowledge of dance as well as true to explore new popular trends in the dance community.


Jaelynn Moreno

Jaelynn Moreno's love for dance began at the age of 12. At the age of 5 she was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and began having a difficult time with joint mobility. Since she began home school at the age of 7, not participating in physical education classes were not helping her condition due to lack of physical activity so around the age of 12 doctors suggested she participate in either gymnastics or dance to develop a better range of motion and not allow her joints and muscles to stiffen. She heard about Nicole Cote's School of Dance through a family member that had previously attended the school. After looking into it her parents decided to enroll her and that is where she discovered how very much she enjoyed it! Ms. Briana taught the very first hip hop class she had enrolled in and her way of teaching her students inspired Jaelynn to one day be able to do the same thing. To teach others to love the art of expressing themselves through dance.

For the 2011-2012 year she was able to assist Ms. Briana and her passion for being able to one day teach a class on her own continued to grow. She wanted to be able to learn all styles of dance including contemporary, jazz, lyrical, ballet and tap. In 2012 she joined the competition team and competed routines in jazz, hip hop and production at Starpower, Fusion, Florida State Dance Competition, Showstoppers & Shake the Ground. Jaelynn has also been able to attend both Pulse & Tremaine Dance conventions learning from instructors like David Moore, Chris Judd, Jeff Amsden, Tony Bellisimo & Keri Lagrand to name a few and also began assisting Ms. Katie in the 2012-2013 school year and loved every minute she spent at the studio.

Being given the opportunity to assist and teach at the same studio she has come to love so much has definitely inspired her to continue to look forward to furthering her education in the art of dance and also attending future dance conventions and camps so she can excel in learning techniques and styles as well as continuing to learn from all of the great staff members at NCSD!

Alexis Casey

Alexis began dancing at the age of 10 and fell in love instantly. She started with a hip hop and jazz class, both taught by Mrs. Briana. She later expanded her classes by taking ballet, lyrical, contemporary, pointe, tap, and musical theatre. At 11 years old, Alexis had the honor of receiving the Hannah Johnson Scholarship. Receiving this furthered Alexis’s passion for dance and prompted her to join the competition team the very next year. Throughout her years on the competition team, Alexis has been a part of high-scoring groups and productions, invited to compete at nationals and worlds, and received special judge awards. Alexis has also participated in many dance conventions such as Streetz and Jump, taking classes from choreographers such as Nick Lazzarini, Jim Nowakowski, Seth Robinson, and more.

Alexis began assisting Ms. Jaelynn’s classes at age 12 and was instantly hooked on teaching. She fell in love with helping students discover a love for dance and exploring it. Alexis enjoys creating choreography and seeing students break out of their shells to become the best dancers they can be. She is super excited to be a part of the Nicole Cote School of Dance Faculty and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Kathryn Johnson

Kathryn began dancing at the age of 2 and hasn’t stopped since. Her first creative kids class was with Ms. Nicole and, at the time, her helper Mrs. Stephanie. She then started to take classes in all different styles of dance, such as ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and musical theatre. Eventually realizing she wanted to take her love for dance a step further, Kathryn joined the Nicole Cote School of Dance Competition Team at 11 years old. She has been apart of numerous dances that have earned high scoring trophies, special awards from judges, and even invited to compete at worlds. Kathryn has also had the privilege of going to different conventions in which she has learned from multiple well-known choreographers such as Nick Lazzarini, Misha Gabriel, Ivan Koumaev, Mandy Moore, Jim Nowakowski, and more.

When the 10th anniversary of Nicole Cote School of Dance was celebrated, Kathryn had the pleasure of being one of the ten dancers who had been with the studio since it opened.

Three years ago, she began to assist in classes under the instruction of Ms. Katie, and recently this year, Ms. Jaelynn. Kathryn loves to see the way her students grow every year and find the style of dance they love. She started to fill in for teachers and was eventually asked to become a member of the Nicole Cote School of Dance faculty. She loves coming up with choreography and creating dances that truly tell a story. Kathryn cannot wait to share her passion for dance with her classes!

Chantel Sorensen

Chantel began dancing at age four at Kim Coles Dance Studio. Her first teacher was Ms. Nicole who taught her ballet. She then began taking classes of all different styles such as tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop, pointe, lyrical, contemporary, and musical theatre. After realizing how much she loved dance, she joined the Nicole Cote School of Dance competition team at the age of eight. Chantel has received many high score awards and has been invited to compete at worlds with many of the groups and production performances she has been in. She has also been able to dance at conventions such as Nuvo and Tremaine dancing under many well known instructors such as Mark Meismer, Anthony Morigerato, Chantel Aguirre, Tucker Barkley, Martha Nichols, and many more. She has also performed and competed at national competitions such as Starpower, Showstoppers, and Believe.

Chantel began assisting Mrs. Stephanie’s classes at the age of ten and also assisting Ms. Nicole’s classes. She loved to assist and inspire the children to grow more as dancers. Being able to watch the dancers grow from year to year brings her much joy. She can’t wait to be a member of the Nicole Cote School of Dance faculty.

Kendal Cote
Kendal Cote

Kendal grew an instant passion for dance at the age of 2 and has been dancing nonstop ever since. She started off by taking classes with both Ms. Nicole and Ms. Stephanie and later on with Ms. Briana. Kendal Cote has danced with Nicole Cote School of Dance for 14 years and is one of the few dancers left that has been with the school since it was established in 2005. At the age of 7 Kendal joined the Nicole Cote School of Dance competition team and competed at regional and national competition all over the state of Florida. Kendal has received many high score awards and scholarships and has taken classes from well known master teachers and choreographers. Kendal continues to compete and take classes weekly at NCSD.

Kendal Cote is also a top officer of the Melbourne High School Varsity Miracles dance team. Kendal has competed with the miracles for the past three years against teams all across the nation. In 2018 the miracles took 10th in the nation. While participating with both varsity miracles and NCSD, Kendalís passion for dance continues to be unbreakable and long lasting. Kendal Cote looks forward to sharing her love for dance by becoming a faculty member at Nicole Cote School of Dance. She is beyond excited to teach and is looking forward to the journey ahead with Nicole Cote School of Dance and the Melbourne Varsity Miracles.

Brianna DíAmelia

Brianna began her dance career at the age of 11. She joined beginning jazz and beginning hip hop classes at Nicole Cote School of Dance in 2011. Previously, she had experience in years of cheerleading but wanted to find something new to perfect her abilities. She fell in love with dance from then on. She joined the competition team in 2012 and continued her dance journey years after. She has been involved in multiple group numbers, productions, duets and solos. Many of those numbers won special awards and placed in the top ten. Ever since 2012, Brianna has attended multiple world renown competitions such as Starpower, Showstoppers, Believe, etc. She has danced at conventions every year, performing choreography by famous dance icons such as Brian Friedman, Ian Eastwood, Mia Michaels, Teddy Forance. Brianna has experience in many forms of dance, including hip hop, contemporary, jazz, ballet, technique, acro. She’s been assisting Ms. Jaelynn for 3 years now and absolutely loves watching the students grow.

In May of 2017, Brianna graduated high school and college obtaining an AA degree. She is currently attending UCF, majoring in Psychology and plans to receive her bachelor's degree next year. While working towards her degree, she wants to minor in Dance as well.

Brianna is so excited to share her passion of dance with others and cannot wait to help her students grow! She loves seeing the bond she creates with kids of all ages and wants them to love dance just as much as her.


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